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No commissions – ever – applies to any
service we perform for you.

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We Don’t Make Money Selling Our Customers What They Don’t Need

Our experts are TruTech Certified™ technicians, not salespeople. We never pay our team commissions, which means you’ll never be sold expensive parts and services you don’t even need.

Many of the more unscrupulous HVAC contractors in Palm Springs and around use what are called “selling technicians” to make more money off their customers. When you first call them to your home, their low prices will seem like a bargain, but their “professionals” are more salespeople than technicians, trained to do a substandard job for cheap, and then trick you into buying hundreds of dollars more in parts, services, or maintenance plans. With the lure of bigger and bigger commissions driving them on, they no longer care about the health of your AC and your family––just profits.

Our TruTech Certified™ team is different. We don’t pay our experts commissions under any circumstances, so the only thing they’ll do in your home is help, not sell. Whether it’s installation or maintenance, repair or rebuild, it’s all done with care and attention to your system and at an affordable, transparent price. Our professionals spend hundreds of hours training and never stop learning, too, giving you complete confidence and satisfaction in our services and your home’s heating and air conditioning.

At PriceFixer, we’re proud to have built a different kind of business from the ground up. From Palm Springs to Palm Desert, Indio to Cathedral City, with our pricing structure, satisfaction guarantees, and total commitment to quality, we’re always putting your needs first.

No commissions means you can save hundreds of dollars. Plus, you’ll enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that you’ll never be “sold” anything you don’t want or need.


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