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Every heating system rebuild includes Fixed Rate
PricingTM and a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

AC Rebuild

Is Your Heat Pump or House Heating System Acting Up?

Pricefixer provides an alternative to conventional repairs; rebuilding your home heater comes with Fixed Rate Pricing™ and a 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

Repairing Home Systems

With most companies, your repair estimate is so high it appears replacing your heating system makes more sense. Not with Pricefixer. You pay $229 + parts, with the cost of parts normally falling under $30.

Rebuilding Home Heating Systems vs. Repair Replacement

You may have been told your entire heating system needs to be replaced. For homes with central heating, this is quite an undertaking. System failures don’t always mean you have to pay for a complete overhaul, although about 5% of the time customers need more than just a repair.

That’s why we offer Fixed Rate Pricing™: For repairs, the cost is always $229 + parts. If you need a system rebuild, you can expect to be charged only $599 + parts. This also includes a free 2-year parts and labor warranty.

With a Fixed Rate Pricing™ repair or rebuild, you won’t be charged diagnostic, trip, or any other hidden fees. Our professional experts don’t work on commission, so they aren’t pressured to sell you extra items or services you don’t want or need. All our experts are TruTech Certified™ and trained to service and rebuild any brand of HVAC equipment. Our top-notch local service is backed by a national company that’s relied upon by millions.

Every rebuild is Fixed Rate Priced at $599 plus parts including a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

Schedule your TruTech CertifiedTM technician today to get your system up and running quickly. For immediate or emergency service, please call us at

How Do I Know I Have a Central Heating Problem?

You may have a serious problem that requires a repair or rebuild if you notice:

  • The system isn’t heating your home based on the thermostat settings.
  • Rattling, clanking, or groaning sounds come from the system.
  • The system doesn’t turn on or doesn’t stay on.
  • There’s a leak from any component in the system.

If your heat pump becomes less efficient or cycles more frequently—it turns on and off quickly—it may need to be repaired. The problem may also lie with the thermostat or a dirty line. You may also notice your utility bills go up. Significant repairs may be needed to restore your heat pump’s efficiency.

TruTech Certified™ Technicians for Any Heating System Service

Our professionals can handle any problem. Heating components can break down and fail near or at the end of their service life. We can provide a Fixed Rate Price rebuild for $599 plus parts. You also receive a free 2-year parts and labor warranty.

Just 5% of service calls require a rebuild. When your heating system fails, we can provide an affordable solution that may avoid replacing the entire system. Our professional experts will explain everything so you can understand what needs to be fixed and how much it will cost. You’ll never be offered or charged extra for parts or services that aren’t needed.

We provide the following rebuild services:

  • Evaporator coil removal and cleaning
  • Refrigerant leak repair
  • Refrigerant line flush and acid test
  • Replacement of suction accumulators, power vent motors, and metering devices
  • Compressor, heat exchanger, and service valve rebuilds and replacements

Get an Instant Quote Today!

Aside from guaranteed lowest prices on new systems and installation, we offer trusted heating system and heat pump rebuilds at a fixed rate. Call today for information or to schedule service.


Replacing an old system is sometimes practical. Pricefixer offers an online quote tool that reveals what you can save on a new system in minutes. Be alert for companies that send salespeople disguised as experts to talk you out of repairs. Their price quote will be exorbitantly high to convince you to buy a new system. Not our professionals; they are always honest about what you need and what the total cost will be. For 92% of our customers, a quick repair costs just $229 + parts while minor adjustments cost only $79.

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We guarantee the lowest price on new systems, including installation! And, most of our customers save over $3,000. It’s never been this easy!

Every TruTech CertifiedTM repair comes with a free 2-year parts and labor warranty.

We love warranties! So do you! Pricefixer offers an exclusive 2-year parts and labor warranty with every repair. And, there’s no paperwork or processing claims. In the unlikely event a warrantied part fails, we’ll promptly replace it, free of charge, including parts and labor. Simply call us and we will handle the rest. It’s so easy. That’s Pricefixer.

2 Years Warranty