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Every professional heating maintenance includes
a 90-Day No Failure Guarantee.

AC Service

Heating system maintenance.

HVAC maintenance is a vital part of keeping both your system and your family healthy. Unfortunately, many companies that offer suspiciously low-cost “checkups” are doing nothing for your heating system and, in many cases, are actually making it worse. Without a TruTech Certified™ technician, all you’ll get is inadequate maintenance and a pushy salesman at your door.

Because that’s all these low-cost “technicians” are—glorified salesmen who will use valuable maintenance time to try to sell you products and services that you don’t need. By the end of the “service,” you’ll end up hundreds of dollars poorer with an HVAC unit that’s worse off than before.

Don’t be fooled. Choose PriceFixer to get experts, not salesmen, and affordable, transparent pricing with guaranteed high-quality service.

Every PriceFixer Heating System Maintenance Includes:

  • Service from a highly qualified TruTech Certified™ technician
  • Guaranteed Fixed Rate Pricing™ per heating unit of $99
  • Knowledgeable service for all makes and models
  • Thorough, 27-point system-wide inspection, including flow rate and ducting
  • Complimentary filter inspection and replacement
  • Thermostat accuracy inspection and correction
  • Maintenance, lubrication, and wear check on all mechanical parts
  • Retightening of all connections
  • 90-Day No Failure Guarantee™
  • Utility Reduction Guarantee™

Every TruTech CertifiedTM Maintenance is Fixed Rate Priced at only $99.95 (per unit) and includes a 90-Day No Failure Guarantee and Utility Reduction Guarantee.

Call or email us to schedule a TruTech CertifiedTM maintenance appointment for your HVAC system today!

A More Efficient, Longer-Lasting Heating System

Just like any other machine, central heating systems need looking after. Over time and with regular usage, many parts of your heating system suffer wear and tear. Dust can build up in ducts and filters, connections can come loose, mechanical parts become worn, and electronics can malfunction, all of which put a strain on your heater and make it prone to failure.

With regular heating maintenance, you can prevent these costly breakdowns and add years of potential life to your system. In order to get the full benefits of heating system maintenance, it needs to be done properly. Cut-price maintenance is simply a waste of time, with many cheap companies doing nothing more than a half-hour glance at your system and often leaving it worse off.

You’re in Safe Hands with Our 90-Day No Failure Guarantee

We’re so confident in the quality of our heating maintenance services that we offer a 90-Day No Failure Guarantee on each and every one of our $99 services. We serve customers across the Coachella Valley, including Palm Springs, Indio, Palm Desert, La Quinta, and Cathedral City, and even in these difficult conditions our heating and cooling maintenance will make your system last longer. If you do somehow have a breakdown within 90 days of the maintenance, we’ll come around immediately and fix it for free!

Higher Efficiency Means Lower Bills

One of the many benefits of HVAC maintenance is improving the efficiency of the system. When an HVAC system is under less strain and can work better, it requires less energy to heat the same amount. That means two things for you. First, when it’s cold, your house warms up more quickly. Second, your utility bill will go down even if you’re using your HVAC system the same way.

In other words, you’ll pay less for your heating. That’s the PriceFixer Utility Reduction Guarantee™. If your bill somehow goes up after our expert heating system service, we’ll cover the difference up to $99.

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90-Day No Failure GuaranteeTM

We guarantee that your system won’t break down within 90 days of any of any PriceFixer service. If it does, we’ll fix your HVAC unit completely free of charge.

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Utility Reduction GuaranteeTM

PriceFixer maintenance will make your system more efficient, saving you money on your next energy bill. If the bill goes up instead, we’ll pay up to $99 of the difference! (Please click here for all the terms and conditions).