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With Pricefixer Fixed Rate PricingTM, you’ll know
how much you’ll pay before we arrive, not after.

Fixed Rate Pricing

Fixed Rate PricingTM.

Our pricing estimates are always up-front and honest. Get a Fixed-Rate Price over the phone or online. There’s no need to wait for a technician to visit your home and include the cost of the trip in their price. We charge no diagnostic fee—our AC service pricing is always transparent.

At PriceFixer, we send a TruTech Certified™ technician directly to your home. This doesn’t cost you a penny. In fact, we’re the only company to not charge for this service. Pay for only the air conditioning repair or rebuild you need, with no hidden fees, overpricing, or unexpected charges.

How Does Fixed-Rate Pricing™ Work?

  • No charge for an air conditioning service expert to visit your home
  • No fee to diagnose the problem
  • No hidden fees or unexpected costs
  • No commissions to upsell services you don’t need
  • No hidden costs embedded in bundled invoices
  • One low price quote, by phone or online
  • All repairs are backed by a two-year parts and labor warranty
  • $229 plus parts for 90% of our service calls
  • Only 5% of service calls involve rebuilds
  • 81% of the time, parts are $50 or lower
  • New systems are needed just 5% of the time

No other HVAC service company will give you clear, transparent, easy to understand prices like Pricefixer.

Discover the difference for yourself with Pricefixer Fixed Rate Pricing for all of our services. Click on any of the links below to see how easy and simple service, repairs and rebuilds can be.

Here is how our upfront pricing structure differs from other air conditioning service companies:

Fixed Rate PricingTM

The other guys
“upfront” pricing games:

Transparency. Actual costs are quoted for every rebuild or repair.

Confusing pricing. You never know the actual cost of a repair or rebuild.

Low fixed pricing. You’ll know how much to pay before an expert shows up.

No upfront pricing. There’s no hint of what you’ll pay before a repair technician arrives.

No transportation fees. We don’t charge for trips to visit your home.

Charges for home visits. You’ll pay a fee directly to an expert who visits your home.

No charges for diagnostics. Our expert will diagnose your AC problem at no cost.

Charges for diagnostics. You pay an upfront price just for the professional to figure out what’s wrong.

No commissions. If there’s something you don’t want or need, we won’t sell it to you.

Up-selling. Sales personnel are disguised as repair professionals.

No mark-ups. We don’t add contractor fees or higher costs later.

Mark-ups. You’re charged additional fees and expenses for the job.

National buying power. Our national presence allows us to provide service at lower costs.

Higher costs. Without national buying power, the company will charge you more.

No hidden fees. Pay an upfront price for parts and service.

Hidden charges. The true cost of parts and labor is hidden behind bundled invoices.

Industry-leading warranty. A two-year parts and labor warranty for every job.

Limited warranties. Only parts are typically covered; there’s no protection for labor.

Pricefixer Fixed
Rate PricingTM

Transparent prices.
Get the actual cost for
every repair or rebuild
right now.

Low fixed prices. Know
how much you’ll pay
before the technician

No trip charge. A
technician will come
to your home at no
cost to you

No diagnostic fee. A
technician will
diagnose your system
at no cost to you.

No sales commissions.
You’ll never be sold
anything you don’t
want or need.

No hefty contractor
No added
fees or added
expenses either.

National buying
Lower costs
mean you’ll pay less.

No hidden fees. Clear
parts costs with no
“bundled” prices.

Better warranties.
Exclusive two-year
parts and labor

The other guys
“upfront” pricing

Mystery prices. The
actual cost of the repair
or rebuild is a total

No “upfront” prices.
Never know how much
you’ll pay before the
technician arrives.

Trip charges. You pay
UPFRONT just to send a
technician to your

Diagnostic fee. You
pay UPFRONT just to
learn what’s wrong.

Selling technicians.
You’ll pay more with
sales people disguised
as a technician.

High mark-ups. Plus
added expenses, fees
and more mystery

No national buying
costs mean you’ll pay

Hidden fees. Bundled
prices that hide the
true cost of parts and

Standard warranties.
Warranties that usually
only cover the parts,
not the labor.

PriceFixer ensures full visibility into the pricing for service in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio, Cathedral City, La Quinta, and other communities in the Coachella Valley. Whether you need an air conditioning repair or rebuild, know exactly what your AC service costs. Call 760-472-5081 or get your instant quote online!