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Every air conditioning rebuild includes Fixed Rate
PricingTM and a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

AC Rebuild

Save with a fixed-rate air conditioning rebuild that includes a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

92% to 94% of the time AC service requires just a standard repair. Our standard repair is $229. Labor + parts at no more than 20% over internet prices. No more 100% to 400% markup. A small percentage—4% to 5%—of service calls require a complete rebuild. Pricefixer can rebuild your AC system for $599 + parts, thanks to our Fixed Rate Pricing™, which includes a comprehensive 2-year parts and labor warranty.

Our professional rebuild service is just for those whose broken air conditioner needs more than a repair. This accounts for 4% to 5% of customers who require air conditioning service.

Our Fixed Rate Pricing™ home air conditioning service is:

  • Affordable – There is no charge for a visit, there is no diagnostic fee, and there are no hidden fees. You pay a flat rate of $229 plus parts.
  • Reliable – Our experienced professionals are experts in the field and won’t try to upsell anything you don’t need; they’re always up-front and honest.
  • Professional – Each experienced professional expert is TruTech Certified™ and will explain everything clearly. We service and rebuild all brands of HVAC equipment and are backed by a nationally renowned company.

Every rebuild is Fixed Rate Priced at $599 plus parts including a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

Schedule your TruTech CertifiedTM technician today to get your system up and running quickly. For immediate or emergency service, please call us at

Rebuilds are usually required in less than 5% of all our service calls. As your system ages, some components will require a rebuild. These are major components that have reached, or are near, the end of their service life. In these rare cases, your TruTech CertifiedTM technician will provide you with a clear explanation of the the rebuild along with the total cost of the part(s). All rebuilds are Fixed Rate Priced at $599 plus parts and include a two-year parts and labor warranty.

What Happens When I Need a Rebuild?

With an older system, you may need a rebuild to fix an air conditioner. Although this is required in less than 5% of service calls, components do reach the end of their service life and fail. This tends to be a rare occurrence. Our experienced professionally certified air conditioning experts can explain the problem and solution in detail and say how much home AC service will cost.

Our Fixed Rate Priced rebuilds cost $599 plus parts at no more than 20% over internet prices, but you get a free 2-year warranty covering parts and labor. The process is totally transparent. You’ll receive a full outline of the job and what is included in the price. The air conditioning service cost only includes what you need. Our experienced professional experts are honest and dependable and, since they aren’t paid a commission, you can trust them to uphold our values.

Parts We Rebuild

We do AC rebuilds for the following components:

  • Evaporator coils
  • Duct branch lines
  • Refrigerant circuits
  • Refrigerant lines
  • Suction accumulatorS
  • Power vent motors
  • Compressors
  • Heat exchangers
  • Service valves

Whether you have a stubborn refrigerant leak or aren’t getting warm or cool air, we offer affordable air conditioning service, including rebuilds, to get your AC working again.

Schedule a Fixed Rate Priced AC Service Today

92% to 94% of our repairs are Fixed Rate Priced at $229, plus parts, and a free 2-year parts and labor warranty. All rebuilds are Fixed Rate Priced at $599, plus parts and a free 2-year parts and labor warranty. We’re a local air conditioning company in Palm Springs, serving the Coachella Valley, that you can trust for affordable air conditioning service. Request a quote and save on repairs, rebuilds, and new systems, including installation, by calling us today!


Beware of commissioned “selling technicians” who are just shrewd sales professionals who’s intent is on getting you to buy a whole new system. This is an all-too-common tactic used by heating and cooling companies. Inflating the repair price so you can only afford to buy a new system, they won’t tell you the full story. Replacing an old system sometimes makes sense, but a rebuild can save you, or you can use Pricefixer’s online quote tool to save a bundle on a brand new system.

Here, there are no upselling or pushing services you don’t need. Air conditioning and heating service is affordable when you rely on our TruTech Certified Professional.

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We guarantee the lowest price on new systems, including installation! And, most of our customers save over $3,000. It’s never been this easy!

Every TruTech CertifiedTM repair comes with a free 2-year parts and labor warranty.

We love warranties! So do you! Pricefixer offers an exclusive 2-year parts and labor warranty with every repair. And, there’s no paperwork or processing claims. In the unlikely event a warrantied part fails, we’ll promptly replace it, free of charge, including parts and labor. Simply call us and we will handle the rest. It’s so easy. That’s Pricefixer.

2 Years Warranty