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Every professional A/C maintenance includes a 90-Day No Failure Guarantee.

AC Service

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Have you ever seen ads for low-cost HVAC maintenance? When it comes to cheap prices, remember the old saying: If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. No HVAC company is making profits on $30, $40, or even $50 for a service, and you won’t get anything of value in return. The only way to make sure your A/C lasts longer and works better out here in Coachella Valley is to hire PriceFixer Palm Springs.

Our fixed price provides an outstanding service that’s both affordable and comprehensive. Unlike the other guys, we won’t send in a salesperson to sell you parts and services you don’t need and do a poor job on top of it. Don’t settle for less: Get our TruTech Certified™ technicians to maintain your heating and cooling systems the right way.

Hire PriceFixer Palm Springs for Your Air Conditioner Maintenance and You’ll Get:

  • Service from our highly experienced, TruTech Certified™ technicians
  • Guaranteed Fixed Rate Pricing™ of $99.95 per unit
  • 90-Day No Failure Guarantee
  • Utility Reduction Guarantee
  • Thorough knowledge of all HVAC brands and models
  • Replacement system air filter included
  • Comprehensive system-wide efficiency and airflow testing
  • Thermostat calibration and temperature accuracy check
  • Inspection, lubrication, and tightening of all mechanical components as necessary
  • Air conditioning service to Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Indio, and La Quinta
  • Adherence to detailed 27-point home A/C maintenance checklist

Every TruTech CertifiedTM Maintenance is Fixed Rate Priced at only $99.95 (per unit) and includes a 90-Day No Failure Guarantee and Utility Reduction Guarantee.

Call or email us to schedule a TruTech CertifiedTM maintenance appointment for your HVAC system today!

TrueTech Certified™ Means Maintenance Done the Right Way

For your HVAC system to work efficiently, consistently, and reliably, it has to be maintained by a qualified technician. Forget about a suspiciously cheap 30-minute inspection. Our TruTech Certified™ technicians will always do a comprehensive, part-by-part maintenance (which can take up to 90 minutes) to make sure you’re always getting the best out of your unit.

Every maintenance job we perform is done at one fixed, easy-to-understand price. Our honest and reliable TruTech Certified™ technicians aren’t salespeople, either, and they don’t earn a commission—unlike other companies. That means we’ll never force you to buy anything you don’t need, or artificially inflate the price.

Stress-Free Maintenance with Our 90-Day No Failure Guarantee!

Extreme temperature fluctuations throughout Palm Springs, Indio, Cathedral City, and the entire Coachella Valley can quickly put a strain on any HVAC system. This is why maintenance is so crucial. It keeps your heating and cooling systems just like new, saving you from costly repairs in the long run and extending the longevity of your air conditioning and heating.

On the other hand, poor or improper maintenance quickly leads to the reverse situation, where the HVAC system breaks down more quickly in tough conditions, has lower efficiency, fails at inopportune times, and ends up costing you much more than the original “cheap” tune-up price.

With PriceFixer, you don’t need to worry. All of our highly qualified air conditioning services in Palm Springs come backed by a 90-Day No Failure Guarantee, which means if the system does somehow fail after our TruTech Certified™ technicians have done their work, you get a completely FREE repair, including parts and labor!

Our Maintenance Will Reduce Your Energy Bill—We Promise!

By improving the efficiency of your system, A/C maintenance by PriceFixer will mean less energy is wasted in your home, leading to lower utility bills. We’re so confident of this, that if your bill doesn’t go down, we’ll pay you the difference—up to $99!

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90-Day No Failure GuaranteeTM

We’re confident in our high quality workmanship. If your HVAC unit breaks down less than 90 days after we’ve performed HVAC preventative maintenance on it, we’ll repair it for you, completely free of charge.

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Utility Reduction GuaranteeTM

If your HVAC doesn’t save you money on your energy bill after we’ve maintained it, we’ll pay up to $99 back of the bill difference! Terms and conditions apply.