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Palm Springs’ professional and reliable service for all your heating and cooling needs with no surprises. That’s the Pricefixer difference.

Tough conditions and extreme temperatures in the desert means your HVAC is always working harder than most. To keep it running efficiently, and to avoid a costly and uncomfortable breakdown, you need expert advice and professional service. You need Pricefixer.

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We’re here for you, right across the Coachella Valley, including at:
• Palm Springs
• Palm Desert
• Indio
• Cathedral City

Better Warranties. Lower Prices. Guaranteed!TM

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TruTech CertifiedTM

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Why Do Customers Choose Pricefixer in Palm Springs?

  • Our HVAC experts are TruTech Certified.
  • We won’t upsell you on maintenance or service you don’t need.
  • We care about your home and look after it while we work.
  • We’re licensed and insured for all of our work.
  • Our pricing system is fixed and easy to understand.
  • There are no hidden costs like callout or quote fees.
  • We turn up on time and won’t disrupt your household.

Total Comfort with Heating and Cooling Solutions

Whether it’s powerful air conditioning or cozy central heating you need, you’ve come to the right place. We know that searing hot days and bitingly cold nights are normal for the Coachella Valley. For total comfort, you’ll want an HVAC system that can handle it all.

Whatever you need from your system, the Pricefixer TruTech™ experts can handle it all. If you’re installing a new system, we’re here for you. If you just want a tuneup, we’re here for you. And, when everything goes wrong, we’re always here for you.


The desert isn’t a place where you can just wait out the heat. If you’ve had a sudden breakdown, you’ll need help, and fast.

Many other companies will take advantage of your situation and overcharge you in your time of need. Not Pricefixer. With us, you’ll always know what you’re paying for emergency repairs, and it’s always the same low price.

We’ll never charge you just to turn up at your door, or just to tell you what’s wrong. We’ll just give you fair pricing for an expert job, backed by our unbeatable warranty.


Only 5% of all our callouts will end up needing a full rebuild of their system. Usually, this only happens when the system hasn’t been maintained properly for a very long time or there’s a catastrophic failure of multiple parts.

Full rebuilds are a fantastic opportunity, however, to overhaul your AC or central heating and have it running as efficiently and effectively as when you first installed it. We’ll go through the ductwork and piping to make sure it can deliver comfort all year round and all day long, and inspect every part of the system as it’s rebuilt.

However, there’s no pressure. We’ll never order a rebuild unless it’s absolutely necessary. If it is, you don’t need to worry. Like all our other services, both parts and labor are covered under one low, transparent, and easy-to-understand price.


Proper regular maintenance is vital to an HVAC system, especially in places where there’s a lot of dust and heat. It’s not just about keeping your air conditioning running smoothly. It’s about keeping your family healthy and safe and ensuring a constant flow of clean air.

Our expert team knows what it takes to maintain systems just like yours. Call us now for a low-priced tune-up without the hassle of doing it yourself. We’re at your door with no hidden fees or trip charges, and we’ll never try to sell you unwanted extras.

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What Makes Us Stand Out from the Other Guys? See for Yourself.

We know that you just want an HVAC system that works. What you don’t want is all the rest of it: the confusing pricing, the additional fees, the unreliable service, and expensive spare parts. But we’re different from the competition. We’re better than the other guys, and we’re proud of it. Here’s why Pricefixer is the right choice for you!

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Our professionals don’t operate on commission. Give their technicians a commission on sales.
We work on what’s actually wrong and don’t sell you repairs you don’t need. Will sell you anything to earn some extra commission.
TruTech CertifiedTM technicians. All our experts have years of training and certifications. Badly trained service people end up costing you more money in repairs.
We give free, no-obligation, Fixed PriceTM quotes over the phone. Will waste time charging you to inspect and quote on your system.
There are no trip or diagnostic charges. Add fees just for showing up and finding out what’s wrong.
No Diagnostic Fees. Diagnostic Fee (just to tell you what’s wrong).
Pricefixer Fixed Rate PricingTM. Simple, easy & transparent prices. Mystery prices. Confusing invoices. Added fees and charges.
Get the real cost breakdown of parts and labor. Hidden parts mark-ups and mystery labor rates.
Our invoices are broken down in detail, so you know what you’re paying for. You never know what the final price will be—or why it’s so high!
80% of our parts are $30 or less. You’ll always pay a fair price. Parts, labor, and hidden fees are all bundled up on the invoice.
Fully stocked vehicles mean your system is fixed the first time. No parts on board mean extra days and extra fees to fix your HVAC.
Clear, fair pricing on parts (research away). High, hidden mark-up on parts.
Enjoy our exclusive Pricefixer 2-year parts and labor warranty. There’s no guarantee and a limited (or even non-existent!) warranty.
Compact Van
No commissions.
Never sell you stuff you
don’t need.
TruTech CertifiedTM
technicians. The best in
the business.
Call us, we’ll give you a
Fixed Rate PriceTM over
the phone.
No Trip Charges.
No Diagnostic Fees.
Pricefixer Fixed Rate
PricingTM. Simple, easy &
transparent prices.
Get the real cost breakdown
of parts and labor.
Detailed invoices.
Parts are $30 and under 81%
of the time.
Stocked trucks (repairs
completed on the first
visit, 96% percent of
the time).
Clear, fair pricing on parts
(research away).
Exclusive Pricefixer 2-year
parts and labor warranty.
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Pay technicians a
Always trying to sell you
stuff you don’t need (paid
Poorly trained technicians
(cost them less, but costs
you more).
Won’t reveal pricing unless
in person (with a trip charge).
Trip Charge (just to show up).
Diagnostic Fee (just to tell
you what’s wrong).
Mystery prices. Confusing
invoices. Added fees and
Hidden parts mark-ups and
mystery labor rates.
Bundled invoices hide the
cost of the labor.
Bundled invoices also hide
the cost of parts.
Limited parts on the truck
(multiple trip charges cost
you more).
High, hidden mark-up on
Poor warranties or no

Find out why there’s nothing “upfront” about the other guys upfront pricing.


What Is the Pricefixer Fixed Rate PricingTM?

The name says it all. Pricefixer believes that prices for HVAC repair work should be honest and simple to understand, which is why we offer clear Fixed Rate Pricing.™ You’ll always know what you’re paying and what you’re paying for before work even begins. Best of all: there’s no trip or diagnostic charges, meaning there’s no fee to see our experts or find out what’s wrong. They’ll come to your door for free!

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You don’t have to live without your AC. Call us 24/7 for rapid, reliable repairs, at our famous Fixed Rate Pricing™.


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Only 1 in 20 HVAC systems will require a full rebuild, but if that’s you, don’t worry; everything’s still at one low price.


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Want to save over $3000 installing a new system? It’s easy, thanks to our guaranteed low prices and expert team.


No Commissions – No Pressure – No Problems

Your TruTech Certified™ technician will never offer or suggest any unnecessary part or repair. You’ll also never be charged for a trip or diagnostic fee just to show up at your home, or to tell you what’s wrong with it. Whether it’s a repair, rebuild or system replacement, every TruTech Certified™ technician is there to help you with your questions, never to sell you anything you don’t need.

Certified TruTech Pro

TruTech CertifiedTM Repairs for an HVAC System that Lasts

Complex systems need expert technicians to ensure smooth and continuous operation. Choose the right person for the job and your HVAC lasts longer, saving you money and hassle. Our TruTech Certified™ technicians have years of experience, continuous training, and hundreds of hours of theoretical and on-the-job learning – which means they’re always ready to take on any problem. We invest in our team at Pricefixer, so you reap the rewards!

Guaranteed Quality Repairs Backed Up by an Exclusive 2-Year Warranty.

We’re so confident in the quality of our work that we back every repair by a FREE 2-year parts and labor warranty. There’s no fee or fuss, and you don’t have to dig out paperwork from the bottom of your junk drawer to get it done. If a part that we’ve installed fails under warranty, just contact us and we’ll fix it straight away. All replacement parts and labor are included, free of charge!

2 Years Warranty